Boys and Girls Murals by Gabrielle creates murals for
– Children
– Baby Room and Nursery
– Play rooms
– Children’s bath rooms
– Outdoor fun murals for children
– Sport and Car Murals for Boys
– Disney and fantasy murals for Girls

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Our main focus is on YOUR mural project. We work closely with you from the beginning until the end. We develop exactly the artwork that fits your special needs.

We know that you want to be sure of the value your are getting.
We like to collect as much information as possible from you upfront so we can submit the best estimate for your mural project within a given time frame and not over the phone when you call. We collect first all information from you which also includes photos or existing designs. Once you have approved the project and the design, the mural will be painted. Sometimes Gabrielle is ready for a Rush job, you always can ask!
Gabrielle’s murals are specific because of her love to detail and the amount of craftsmanship she puts into.  She is using non-toxic paint for all murals.

The cost of a customized mural depends upon several points:
– Size,
– Design
– Location, and
– Surface.
Each mural project is special and unique hence the pricing varies from project to project. In general the murals start from $500. Every estimate contains all materials, needed equipment and whatever is needed to do the mural according to your needs. You won’t end up with a surprise when the mural is done. There are no additional charges at the end.
We are asking a 50% deposit at the beginning, and upon completion the remaining 50% is due.

The hand painted stick and peel murals are different than any other stickers or wall decals you have ever seen. The fabric is self adhesive and sticks on any smooth wall. The mural will be hand painted and once on the wall, it looks like it is painted onto the wall. There is NO difference!

Whatever you choose, a stick and peel mural or a on the wall mural – many times a lot more goes into the making of a mural than people realize.


Call 818-4702932 to get an estimate!