Happy Animals Mural

Happy Animal Mural for your nursery, children’s bed room, playroom or on an out door wall in the play area. There are so many possibilities to use this kind design. It will make a huge difference like any wall mural will do. We are serving greater Los Angeles but can also send you a mural on canvas or as a sticker.

animals and children mural

Get this mural on self adhesive stick and peel wall paper – hand painted – Just send the size I will hand paint it and ship it to you.

Treasure Island Mural

The treasure island mural is painted all around the room and includes the ceiling as a sky. It was done for a boy’s room but it is not necessarily a typical boys mural.  If your child likes the ocean this theme is very nice. It is also great for play or game rooms and even on an outdoor wall it will create an effect.
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treasure island mural

Treasure Island mural with monkey and baby lion

French Poodle Bag Mural

This French Poodle bag mural is for girls and they love it! It comes with the Eiffel tower of Paris, a pink poodle and looks 3D.
Girl’s dreams become true with this mural. Let’s say if your girl is 8 years old and would get such a mural for her bed room, it will be good for the next 6 years for sure or even more. If you buy it as a stick and peel mural it will be cut out and has no background.

Email me so we can discuss your mural project for your daughter’s bed room.

Get this mural on self adhesive stick and peel wall paper –  Just send the size and it will be hand painted for you and shipped conveniently.

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Mural Detail from French Girls Mural

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