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Archive for the ‘Baby room Mural’ Category

NEW! Stick and Peel Murals for any Wall

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Murals for any wall – Hand painted on a self adhesive fabric – Remove them – Reuse them – Just Stick and Peel

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can get my murals now for your boy’s or girl’s bedroom! And the good thing is, you can take the mural with you in case should you move.

The Stick n’ Peel wallpaper murals are great for all kinds of rooms such as

- For Children’s bedrooms
- For Play and Game rooms
- For the Nursery
- For out-doors ( yes, it is weather resistant and sticks and sticks…)
- For girl’s bedrooms
- For boy’s bedrooms

It is a NEW and the BEST solution for walls you want to decorate without spending thousands of dollars.

What is it exactly?
It is a self-adhesive printable or ready to paint wall fabric that is an easy to apply self-adhesive product that allows you to have a mural that you would not have otherwise because of

- a limited budget,
- if there is no muralist living close by,
- if you really like my murals but I am far away,
- living in a rental or apartment or maybe you just have not thought about it!

The fabric is not shiny at all.
It is white and can be completely painted or partially.
It has no structure.
It is like a super-fine dry wall.

Every mural you see on my website can be hand painted on the stick and peel fabric.
I am using non-toxic acrylics paint which is durable and non-washable. It can be sealed if necessary.


How do you proceed if you want to have a Stick n’ Peel mural?

Let me know
- about the size in SF or inches or feet (please measure it accurately). It can be the whole wall space or just a special figure.
- about the design you would like.
- If you like a tree mural the best is to get the whole wall space measured where you want to have the tree.

- If you like the French poodle only I need to know the size so I can cut it out and ship it to you.

It’s that easy!

Interested? CLICK HERE to go to the Stick and peel Mural Website





Dreamland Mural for a Nursery

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The Dreamland Mural for a nursery in a private residence of San Marcos is the most special mural I have ever done so far. When you enter the room you are entering a different world. The whole room are clouds and each wall is telling it’s own story. Center piece is a cupcake mountain where a train goes around and leaps of into the air.
The design is from the book There’s a Train out in Dreamland. See below for the details.
I did all walls, the doors and wardrobe doors as well plus the ceiling. Interested in such a mural? Call me.

children's mural

See the book on Amazon – a super sweet book for children.

Tree Mural for All Budgets

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Murals for all Budgets
You might think that murals for children’s rooms are expensive, and yes, it can become expensive when you want that every foot of the wall is filled with some mural art. But in general the murals for nurseries or kids rooms are quite affordable, and they last in general 3-8 years when done right.  Throughout the last years I worked with different budgets. Now, what is called an inexpensive wall mural? What amounts are we looking at when talking about a mural? In between $350 and $500 you can get a tree mural as shown on the picture below.
Trees are looking great in corners and if you like apples or blossom – that can be done as well. If you are on a budget you still can send me your ideas and we can talk about it.

tree mural

a simple tree mural

Get this mural on self adhesive stick and peel wall paper – hand painted – Just send the size I will hand paint it and ship it to you.

Nursery Mural with Roses

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Roses are growing in the corner of this nursery. Butterflies are flying around and the roses are even growing over to the door. The letters of the name are all hand painted and have  a 3D look.
Baby room mural

Get this mural on self adhesive stick and peel wall paper – hand painted – Just send the size I will hand paint it and ship it to you.

African Nursery Mural

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A river is crossing the African landscape with zebras and a giraffe; it looks good in a small room but can also continue on the other walls and the ceiling. The expression” less is more” is often my motto for nursies. You don’t want to overdue it as it should be calm and relaxing space for the baby and the mom. If you are expecting a baby and don’t know what to do with the baby room, call me and we can discuss the options.

Nursery Wall mural

Wall Murals for Nurseries and Kids rooms

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Find my listing on Thumbtack here – Children’s Room & Nursery Murals

by Murals For Kids

The Giving Tree Nursery Mural

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The Giving Tree Mural for a nursery in Los Angeles.
The Giving Tree, first published in 1964 by Harper & Row, is a children’s book written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein. This book has become one of Silverstein’s best known titles and has been translated into more than 30 languages.
My clients were fans of this book, and asked me to paint the Giving Tree for their nursery.

Nursery Mural




Lion Nursery Mural

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This cute lion is part of an African mural that I did for a nursery in Calabasas. 
If you like something similiar please send an email to receive a Free Estimate.

Nursery Mural

Cherry Tree Mural

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The cherry tree mural was done for a nursery and is painted on a brown background. The blossom is white with a little pink here and there.

tree nursery mural

Roses for the Nursery

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Nursery mural

Nursery Mural with many roses and butterflies all around the crib

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