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Archive for the ‘Nautical Murals’ Category

Underwater Mural

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ocean mural

aquarium mural with funny shark

Outdoor mural with an underwater scene for children. The shark does not scary children; there is also a whale included and funny fish.

Did this mural for a child day care in the backyard where the little ones were playing.

If you have an outdoor wall which is white or in a strange color, you should consider a mural, it makes a difference.

Get this mural on self adhesive stick and peel wall paper – hand painted – Just send the size I will hand paint it and ship it to you.

Treasure Island Mural

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The treasure island mural is painted all around the room and includes the ceiling as a sky. It was done for a boy’s room but it is not necessarily a typical boys mural.  If your child likes the ocean this theme is very nice. It is also great for play or game rooms and even on an outdoor wall it will create an effect.
Do you have any questions? Send an email or contact me for a free estimate here.

treasure island mural

Treasure Island mural with monkey and baby lion

Beach Mural with Umbrella

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This beach mural with umbrella was done for a girl’s room on all walls and the ceiling. The red and white beach umbrella makes a nice contrast to the blue ocean. And by the way it is painted even you can sit under it- send an email if you like a mural like this for your child’s bedroom.

Ocean Mural

Beach umbrella that can be placed in a corner or anywhere at the beach

Treasure Island Mural for Boys

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Treasure Island Map from the Treasure Island mural I did for a boys room. It has many details and is a great theme for a boys room. The mural wraps around the room and shows a monket, pirate cove, baby lion and parrots.

murals for kids

Lighthouse Children’s Mural

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The Lighthouse with a boat was done for a boy’s room on one wall. Such a mural is changing the kid’s bedroom tremendously as it will bring additional dimension into the room. A small room will in fact look bigger with such a mural.

nautical mural

Beach Mural for Children

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Such a beach mural is wonderful for all children or for a nursery.
Mural for Kids
Lovely Beach Mural for a girls room with a surf board and more all around the room.

Aquarium Mural for Children

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Finished mural for the child day care Robin’s Nest in Northridge, with famous Shamu the whale, fish and funny characters.
Ocean Mural for kids
Finished mural for the child day care with Shamu
Mural for children

Detail of the aquarium mural Murals for childrens rooms



Mural for a Child Day Care Northridge

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The children from www.robinsnestkidcare.com have this underwater mural on an
outdoor wall in the backyard. I painted Shamu the whale, fish, seahorse, an octopus, a funny shark and more.

Underwater world mural

Ocean Underwater Mural

Beach Mural with Treasure Island

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A pirate cove for little pirates – a boys paradise but it also can be a mural for cute pirate girls. The little cove is part of the treasure island mural I did for a boy’s bedroom in Glendale. The ceiling is a sky and the mural is stretching all around the room. There are palm trees, a monkey, baby lion and birds. Very nice for a small room as it will make it look bigger. See more pictures here

nautical mural

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