Treasure Island Mural for Boys

Treasure Island Map from the Treasure Island mural I did for a boys room. It has many details and is a great theme for a boys room. The mural wraps around the room and shows a monket, pirate cove, baby lion and parrots.

murals for kids

Lighthouse Children’s Mural

The Lighthouse with a boat was done for a boy’s room on one wall. Such a mural is changing the kid’s bedroom tremendously as it will bring additional dimension into the room. A small room will in fact look bigger with such a mural.

nautical mural

Beach Mural for Children

Such a beach mural is wonderful for all children or for a nursery.
Mural for Kids
Lovely Beach Mural for a girls room with a surf board and more all around the room.

Aquarium Mural for Children

Finished mural for the child day care Robin’s Nest in Northridge, with famous Shamu the whale, fish and funny characters.
Ocean Mural for kids
Finished mural for the child day care with Shamu
Mural for children

Detail of the aquarium mural Murals for childrens rooms