Nursery Mural with Roses and Butterflies

Nursery mural with roses  and butterflies around the crib. The ribbon and the roses create a romantic feeling which is very lovely for a girls bedroom or for a baby room. What a warm welcome for the newborn! We can customize your nursery mural.

This mural can be painted on stick and peel wall paper and can be shipped to you wherever you live.
See more info here: Stick and Peel Murals for any Room or Go to the Shop directly

nursery mural



Roses for the Nursery

Nursery mural

Nursery Mural with many roses and butterflies all around the crib

Romantic Mural for Girls

Happy Valentine’s Day!
The heart with birds and roses is part of a romantic mural for a girl’s bedroom. I painted roses all around the window and the heart with the birds is placed in the middle.

mural for girls