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Archive for the ‘Tree Mural’ Category

Tree Mural for All Budgets

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Murals for all Budgets
You might think that murals for children’s rooms are expensive, and yes, it can become expensive when you want that every foot of the wall is filled with some mural art. But in general the murals for nurseries or kids rooms are quite affordable, and they last in general 3-8 years when done right.  Throughout the last years I worked with different budgets. Now, what is called an inexpensive wall mural? What amounts are we looking at when talking about a mural? In between $350 and $500 you can get a tree mural as shown on the picture below.
Trees are looking great in corners and if you like apples or blossom – that can be done as well. If you are on a budget you still can send me your ideas and we can talk about it.

tree mural

a simple tree mural

Get this mural on self adhesive stick and peel wall paper – hand painted – Just send the size I will hand paint it and ship it to you.

The Giving Tree Nursery Mural

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The Giving Tree Mural for a nursery in Los Angeles.
The Giving Tree, first published in 1964 by Harper & Row, is a children’s book written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein. This book has become one of Silverstein’s best known titles and has been translated into more than 30 languages.
My clients were fans of this book, and asked me to paint the Giving Tree for their nursery.

Nursery Mural




Girls Room with Pony Mural

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murals for Girls

Girls Room Mural

The cute ponies are in a girl’s room that has murals all around the walls. On the other side there is a castle, over the door a monkey hanging down from a branch.

It’s a very playful mural with bright colors, in a very girlish style.

Do you like something similar for your girl’s room? Get a Free Estimate.

Cherry Tree Mural

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The cherry tree mural was done for a nursery and is painted on a brown background. The blossom is white with a little pink here and there.

tree nursery mural

Panda Mural

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Mural with panda bears for a tiwn nursery. The subtle landscape adds a nice 3D effect to the small room and makes it look bigger. If you want a mual like this click here for a Free Estimate.

wildlife mural

Enchanted Forest Mural

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Whimsical enchanted forest mural for a playroom; with a moose, mama bear and the little one. Very cute and playful. Can be done in any size and for any room. Lovely for a nursery as well.

playroom mural

New York Mural for Children

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murals for children

NY theme mural for a girls bedroom with NY items such as the NY taxi, busstop, and times square

Nursery Mural with Cherry Blossom and Birds

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This nursery mural has over the dresser a contemporary flower painting and on the other side of the wall, above the crib, handpainted cherry blossom branches. Over the door a bird sits in its nest – too cute. Affordable and special – better than stickers.

nursery mural

Nursery mural with cherry blossom branches and birds

Whimsical Tree Mural

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Such a whimsical tree mural does not have to be  for a girl’s bedroom. I did a similiar tree for a boy’s bedroom and it looks just great. The colorful leaves and the heart in the middle of the trunk make a difference.

mural tree

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