Girls Room with Pony Mural

murals for Girls

Girls Room Mural

The cute ponies are in a girl’s room that has murals all around the walls. On the other side there is a castle, over the door a monkey hanging down from a branch.

It’s a very playful mural with bright colors, in a very girlish style.

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Panda Mural

Mural with panda bears for a tiwn nursery. The subtle landscape adds a nice 3D effect to the small room and makes it look bigger. If you want a mual like this click here for a Free Estimate.

wildlife mural

Enchanted Forest Mural

Whimsical enchanted forest mural for a playroom; with a moose, mama bear and the little one. Very cute and playful. Can be done in any size and for any room. Lovely for a nursery as well.

playroom mural

New York Mural for Children

murals for children

NY theme mural for a girls bedroom with NY items such as the NY taxi, busstop, and times square