Stick & Peel Murals

 Stick and Peel Murals: It doesn’t matter where you live, you can get my wonderful murals now!

Get the wall mural shipped to you wherever you live.

– For Children’s bedrooms
– For Play and Game rooms
– For the Nursery
– For out-doors (yes, it is weather resistant)
– For girl’s bedrooms
– For boy’s bedrooms

See some samples I hand painted on this stick and peel canvas. It looks like hand painted on the wall.

Every mural you see on my website can be hand painted on the stick and peel fabric.  – Video of how to apply it coming soon!

You can order murals that will stick on any wall. It is not wall paper or a decal. It is a self adhesive fabric (almost like a canvas) that you can stick on your walls and ceiling.
If you move, just peel it off and re-use it in the new home.

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