Palm Tree Silhouette Mural

Palm trees can look great as a silhouette mural in black against a blue background. I did this mural for a nursery and the walls had been painted in three colors before: blue for the sky, darker blue for the ocean and a tan color for the sand.

The palm tree silhouette mural can be done in one day. I did 2 palm trees and  sunset on the other side. Then a surfer also in black and the initial of the baby’s name on another wall.
The palm trees are also available on stick and peel fabric as a sticker or decal  – click here to got to the shop – they are cut out and you just stick them onto the wall. It is that easy. The stick and peel murals are not shiny or look like other cheap stickers that you can find. The fabric is of high quality and can be reused many times.

palm tree mural

Beach Mural

Beach mural with surfboards for a girls or boys bed room. The colorful surfboards make a nice contrast to the blue sky that was painted all over the ceiling and all around the room.
If you are thinking to get a beach mural then you should contact me. A beach mural will make  a big difference and is  a theme that goes with every age.
Beach murals are always a good idea and can be done for any budget. Get the directions post with the surfboard as Stick and Peel Mural – you can customize the directions – isn’t that neat?

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beach mural

Lighthouse Children’s Mural

The Lighthouse with a boat was done for a boy’s room on one wall. Such a mural is changing the kid’s bedroom tremendously as it will bring additional dimension into the room. A small room will in fact look bigger with such a mural.

nautical mural

Beach Mural for Children

Such a beach mural is wonderful for all children or for a nursery.
Mural for Kids
Lovely Beach Mural for a girls room with a surf board and more all around the room.