Cherry Blossom Nursery Mural with Birds and Flowers

This Cherry Blossom Nursery Mural with Birds and a modern flower had been done for a nursery in Los Angeles.  The design above the dresser is a modern, contemporary flower.
On the other side of the wall, above the crib, there are hand painted cherry blossom branches with some birds sitting on the branches. Over the door I painted a bird’s nest.

Cherry Blossom Nursery Mural

This is a a very cute mural that is  affordable and special – and let me assure you, it is so much better than  regular sticker. If you like to get a free estimate just send us a message.
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Cherry Blossom Nursery Mural

cherry blossom nursery mural

Panda Mural

Mural with panda bears for a tiwn nursery. The subtle landscape adds a nice 3D effect to the small room and makes it look bigger. If you want a mual like this click here for a Free Estimate.

wildlife mural

Landscape Mural with Panda Bears

Mural for a Nursery in La Canada, greater Los Angeles. The walls were painted in a light green which was the ideal background color for the mural. 

wildlife mural

Panda Mural for a nursery in La Canada

On one wall I painted a little panda on a tree while the other one was taking  break and had some bamboo for dinner.


On the other wall the landscape was continuing with 2 more playing pandas.

mural for kids

Panda Bear Mural