Wall Murals

murals for children

Have you ever wanted  a hand painted wall mural for your child?

Murals for children’s rooms are a wonderful gift indeed. If you are considering a mural for your children’s bedroom then make sure that your child, if he or she is old enough, will contribute with ideas and likes or dislikes. When I did the castle mural for 3-year old Ella, the girl got so inspired that she started to paint on her easel. Another child used to play more often in his room as he used to do before we did the mural. And so on, there are more stories which prove that a mural has some great benefits for the child.

1. Please contact me per email or phone, so we can discuss your mural plans in detail. You can also send me the Free Estimate form with some rough information about your project.
2. Depending on your location I will visit you to see the walls or you will send me pictures of the walls, or any design ideas you might have at this point.
3. You will receive your estimate which depends on the design and size of the wall space.
4. If you would like to get a sketch of the mural, I am asking a design fee of $100.
5. We arrange a comfortable time to start the mural when we have agreed what mural you would like.